Group night activities to prepare for Annual Gathering

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What is Annual Gathering?

Annual Gathering is a two day event which happens every year. It’s the only annual camp which gathers Woodcraft Folk of all ages from right across the UK. It is also the setting for our national Annual Conference, or AGM. During the conference the delegates discuss how Woodcraft Folk works and what we do as an organisation. Their decisions inform Woodcraft Folk activity and policy for groups, districts, General Council and the staff.

Annual Gathering and the Conference are big, exciting events to take part in, and any member of Woodcraft Folk, young or old can join in.  Each group is allowed to have one delegate to represent them (along with any number of ‘visitors’ – non-delegates from groups) – but it can be helpful to discuss the ‘motions’ (items on the agenda for the Conference) as a group beforehand so that the delegate can represent everyone’s views when they vote.

What is this resource?

After a motion was passed in 2009, asking that Annual Gathering and Conference is made more accessible to Venturers, these resources were prepared before Annual Gathering 2010 to provide ideas of pre-AG group activities. Those of us who worked on them were aware that there’s a lot of variety between Venturer groups across the country, and that different people enjoy working in different ways. Therefore, we wanted to provide a varied ‘menu’ of activities that groups could pick and choose from, trying the sessions that would work best for them. This pack contains a range of activity ideas – presented as a menu, with ‘recipes’ to explain how to run each activity.

How do I use this pack?

Download the pack from the link at the bottom of the page and use these group activities to prepare for the next Annual Gathering – or for your District AGM.

These activities were designed with Venturers in mind, but would work equally well for DFs, and with some small adjustments, for Pioneer groups too. Each activity on the menu has a suggested time allowance marked beside it, all between 10 and 30 minutes. The idea is that for a whole group night to prepare for Annual Gathering, you could pick out a series of 3 or 4 activities to run, or if time is short, you could do a quick 10 minute session to consult or prepare the group during a gap in a group night devoted to another activity. Either select your activities in advance, or take the menu (which gives brief descriptions of each option) along to the group and let them choose what they’d like to do.

And finally, a reminder that all the activities are guides, and ideas – and can be adapted, edited, or ‘seasoned’ as much as you like to suit your group. Mix and match them all to get a good session plan!

Oh and one more thing - if you're the person actually representing your group at Annual Gathering, have a read of the Rough Guide to Annual Gathering, so you can get to grips with the words you'll hear thrown about!

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