Case studies: Volunteer recruitment

How do you recruit new volunteers to work with your Woodcraft Folk group? Would you like some more ideas on what works and what doesn't? Woodcraft Folk and Change Agents UK have looked at how several different Woodcraft Folk Districts recruit new volunteers, and compiled their stories into 4 useful case studies which you can download below.

You can also download a summary of the report Change Agents UK made to Woodcraft Folk once they'd completed their research. It includes a recognition that volunteers are extremely important to Woodcraft Folk groups, and that the few brilliant and dedicated volunteers who run each Woodcraft group just now would ideally be joined by many more enthusiastic helpers!

If you're actively recruiting volunteers in your Woodcraft Folk District, the resources in the yellow box to your right will help you.

The Volunteer Toolkit is brimming with resources to help with volunteer recruitment. 

You can also contact us to ask for:

  • free publicity materials
  • help editing your group's webpage to promote your activities (see Kingfisher Elfins' page for an example)
Final case studies - Woodcraft Folk - Brighton.pdf3.35 MB
Final case studies - Woodcraft Folk - Bromley.pdf2.74 MB
Final case studies - Woodcraft Folk - Nottingham.pdf3.29 MB
Final case studies - Woodcraft Folk - Oxford.pdf2.23 MB
Executive Summary - Change Agents research into volunteer recruitment at Woodcraft Folk.pdf56.1 KB