Playing outdoors safely

Being outdoors and enjoying the natural environment is a key part of Woodcraft Folk but we need to do it safely and look after everybody's wellbeing. This web area has been set up to help Woodcraft Folk groups do outdoor activities safely.

From this page you can download:

  • General safety advice for any outdoor activity
  • Where to go for more support
  • Session plan, risk assessment and key guidance for these activities:

The webinars for these activities can be found here.

  1. Storing Tools Safely
  2. Nightwalks
  3. Riverside activities 
  4. Foraging
  5. Woodland walks
  6. Cycling
  7. Fire lighting
  • Hornsey Outdoor Skills Guide: A useful guide to outdoor skills created by Hornsey Woodcraft Folk
  • Example equipment list and consent form for a bushcraft camp
  • Risk assessment for a whole bushcraft camp
  • Risk assessments for a range of small outdoor activities 
Playing outdoor safety- Guidance.docx542.43 KB
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Storing tools safely guidance.docx23.22 KB
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Nightwalks guidance.docx22.56 KB
Nightwalk session plan.docx23.35 KB
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Riverside activities guidance.docx25.17 KB
Riverside activities session plan.docx23.07 KB
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Foraging safely guidance.docx22.9 KB
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