Help Us To Bring #PeaceToAll!

Woodcraft Folk is the co-operative youth movement and also a charity. We depend on the generous donations of our supporters to provide nearly 300 groups and 6 centres & campsites dedicated to education for social change. Now we’re asking you to help us extend our work to even more communities and work co-operatively to bring #PeaceToAll! 

All funds raised will help us to deliver our strategic plan for 2018-2025 - Increasing and Widening Participation!


How can you support us?

There’s several ways you can get involved in our fundraising campaign:


#AllDressedInGreen Fundraisers

Can you help raise funds for Woodcraft Folk locally and nationally? We’re setting you the challenge to do something #AllDressedInGreen, get sponsored or ask for donations in return, and split the monies raised 50/50 between Woodcraft Folk nationally and your nominated local group. 

#AllDressInGreen activities might include:

  • A marathon sing-a-long of favourite Woodcraft Folk songs

  • A park run or other race

  • Wearing green every day for a month 

  • A community meal with a green theme

  • Collecting and selling greenery for people to dress their homes for the festive season

We’ve summarised all this information in an information sheet which you can download from the bottom of the page and use to start a discussion about a fundraising activity with your group. You can also download a template sponsor form to collect donations in person, and set up a page for your activity on JustGiving to collect those online donations as well. Let us know what you’ve got planned by emailing and we’ll shout about it on social media.

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