Park Farm: The Future!

Over the past year and a half your Park Farm committee has been hard at work developing and maintaining the site to make it as pleasant a place as possible to bring your group for a weekend (or week!) away in some of the most beautiful countryside in the South East. We have been developing our vision for the site which centres around 3 themes; Bushcraft, Sustainability, and Development of the site.

Bushcraft - we are hoping to establish Park Farm as a leading centre for Bushcraft practice and learning, with training courses for those who want to learn, and a supply of equipment and tools.

Sustainability - we want to make Park Farm a beacon of sustainability within the Woodcraft Folk. We aim to make Park Farm as self-sufficient as possible as soon as possible, using solar panels, wind turbines, and even geothermal energy. We have recently installed new recycling facilities and a compost pit for food waste.

Development of the site - having cleared away much of the scrap and rubbish from the site we have been busy installing new guttering and fire alarms in the barn, which has also been freshly painted, making the buildings a more useful resource than previously. We are currently installing new doors and ramps to make the barn more accessible to those with disabilities. We are also in the process of refurbishing the playground/fitness trail, building a campfire pit and creating an assault course in the woods. There are many more plans afoot too! Remember there are already some great activities to be enjoyed at Park Farm, such as nature walks, archery equipment, a screen in the barn for projecting movies, and some friendly local badgers and bats.