Our Times

Our Times is a new campaign launched by young people around Woodcraft Folk. We plan to create a source of news for young people that's free, impartial and easy to understand, and where young people can share their opinions on issues they believe are important. 

Young Woodcraft Folk feel there isn't anywhere we can get impartial, accessible news reporting, and we have to choose between simplistic news aimed at much younger children, or mainstream media that is biased and focussed around party politics. We want a news medium that's transparent and relevant to us.

Our Times aims to:

  • Give young people opportunities to be heard on political and social issues
  • Ensure society respects young people’s views on these issues

We plan to do this by:

  • Creating a news channel young people can submit their own videos to
  • Publishing a printed resource sharing young people's views, and clear information from experts and activitists that will help young people understand the UK political system and take action 
  • Taking discussion activities to schools and youth groups so other young people can be inspired by the sorts of debates that we take for granted in Woodcraft Folk

We've created activities for Pioneers and Venturers so your group can get involved in Our Times. 

Send us your news and comments! Articles, video, cartoons, however you want to share your views they're welcome, just email them to campaign@woodcraft.org.uk