Opportunities for young people

Young people already take on loads of different roles in Woodcraft Folk. If you're doing something interesting - maybe organising an event, helping run a younger group or representing Woodcraft Folk at an external event - we'd love to hear about it.

If you've decided now is the time to see what else is out there to do in Woodcraft Folk, have a look at the opportunities below and let TREE know if any of them take your fancy. 


Young trainer

If you've got skills to share, an interest in a particular subject you think Woodcraft should know more about or simply enjoyed running a workshop at a group night or a camp and want to do a bit more of that, this role could be for you. We're offering free training at weekend residentials for Venturers, DFs and young Kinsfolk. All travel and accommodation is paid for and by the end of the weekend you'll be well on your way to becoming a young Woodcraft Folk trainer. Woodcraft Folk needs more trainers so you'll be very valuable!

The next couple of training weekends are:

October 30th - 31st at Stanley Activity Den near Durham

February 18th - 20th at Oxford Youth Hostel

To find out more, contact Chris at chris.pyke@woodcraft.org.uk


News reporter

There's exciting stuff happening all over Woodcraft Folk but it doesn't always make the news. Now we have a brand new website to share stories on, we'd like to get folk from all over the country posting up news of what they've been doing. Camps, campaigns, visits from interesting people, projects you've got going on - other Woodcraft Folk will want to hear about it.

Any Woodcraft Folk member can add news to this website, but if you're a young person you can also get some free training to become an official Woodcraft Folk reporter, meaning you get help on how to write for the web, money to cover travel expenses and ongoing support from TREE staff and the other reporters. The first reporter training will run in March 2011 - contact Chloë if you're interested!

Read Sean's story of his Venturer weekend at Lockerbrook for inspiration. 


Bored Meeting course

The Woodcraft Folk believes in equality, respect and open and shared decision making among children and young people and adults. Local groups, districts and projects begin this journey that leads some to wider participation across the organisation, including at national levels through various committees, teams and working groups.

'Bored Meeting' is a fun and interactive training course or workshop to help those of us involved in such groups to think about our roles and the values, knowledge and skills needed to help us work well together and make change happen. The training offers the chance to reflect on how we all work together, and support each other on committees so we get the best out of everybody.

The next Bored Meeting course will take place at Development Conference on Saturday 22nd - Sunday 23rd January 2011. To find out more, please contact Rebecca Mattingly.