Next session planning

Impact: Increase understand of children in the group, increased engagement and enjoyment and introducing choice

Follow the Trail standards: Strategies and Systems

Duration: 15 minutes

What you need: Three drawings of possible activities for the next session, bluetac

What to do:

  1. Stick up the three pitches of the activities around the room.
  2. Tell the children that they are going to help pick what they are going to do next session. Explain when you say, they need to move to the picture of the activity they want to do next week.
  3. Then explain what each activity is in the pictures.
  4. Then say go and let the children move to the activity they wish to do.
  5. Once they look like they have decided say stop.
  6. Then record which one has the most children by and run the activity next session.
  7. If it is close between two or even three activates, then these activities could be run in following sessions.