Your movement needs YOU - open letter to the Folk

Friday, 15 June 2012


Have you heard about Woodcraft Folk’s mentoring scheme?

We are looking for people to be involved in the scheme in a variety of ways...

Firstly, we need mentors: mentors need to be people who have good listening and communication skills, a positive outlook, who are reliable and have a willingness to learn and develop. If you think this sounds like you, or would like to nominate someone who you think would make a great mentor get in touch at The next training event is 19th-21st October, email to express an interest and be the first to hear that bookings have opened!

We need mentees: people who would like more responsibility or to take roles of greater leadership and who might value some additional support. Young people might need support in anything from getting involved as volunteers at group nights, promoting or budgeting for an event, running campaigns to being a KP at camp.

Finally we need local contacts:  For every mentor/mentee pairing we need a third party locally who oversees from a distance and provides support or intervention if necessary. This just involves being available, in the background, and being aware of when mentors are meeting up with their young leaders / mentees. The local contact is someone who either the mentor or mentee can approach if they have any concerns, the majority of the time this will just be a fall back option whose involvement is very minimal.

So what is mentoring, how does it work? If you follow this link:  you will find an illustrated graphic of the mentoring journey. (Tip: it is best to click on ‘more’ then on ‘fullscreen’, then it is simple you just use the forward arrow at the bottom of the screen to negotiate through the process of being a woodcraft folk mentor. Or visit for more information.

If the timeline ‘infographic’ (as these beasts are apparently referred to in the business) throws up more questions than it answers then do not hesitate to ask them!  (send all questions and queries to

Also please spread the word about the scheme – send on the graphic, or share this short video from AG with anyone who you think might be interested in any of the above roles:

Thank you for reading this far, and I look forward to hearing from you! (