Your Digital Family Quiz

Monday, 25 January 2021

Does your family know its TikTok from its Twitter? Its Deliveroo from its Discord? And its Bieber from its Baby Shark?

We are running a new online quiz event called Your Digital Family on 11th February at 6pm – about all the brilliant and different things families love doing online. And you can take part from your front room, dining table, or wherever your family can come together online.

Join us for an hour of questions, fun, and family interaction to test your family’s knowledge and find out just how much you know about the digital world. We have three rounds of simple but challenging questions, that will also give you some great new ideas for family conversations about tech – and things you can do together both online and offline.

Who can take part? Your Digital Family quiz events are suitable for parents and young people in secondary school or those almost ready for secondary school (we are aiming the session at young people age 11+)

What do you need to take part? Just paper, a pen and a connected device – like a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Plus, an hour to take part as a family – at a time that suits you!

How do you take part? If you are interested in joining we will be holding our live session on 25th November at 6pm please visit DreamBigAtHome for the joining details!