Young Leaders Training 12th - 14th of October - Bristol

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

 This weekend (12th to 14th of October) saw the coming together of 16 young leaders from across the Woodcraft membership to the YHA Bristol to hone their leadership skills. They came from as far North as Newcastle and were aged 15 to 24, either young leaders from Elfin or Pioneer Groups or looking to become ones.

The weekend started by a review of the key aims and principles of Woodcraft and how these were put into practice by our groups. As these would be the building blocks of our young leaders leading and the reasons they were doing so.

We then looked at what a good leader was and created them in peg doll form to be a reminder throughout the weekend, these where later compared to the Woodcraft list of skills and capacities for leaders. One of the key skills of a good leader is the promoting of positive behaviour and being a role model, so we had a focus session on this including some extreme cases of how not to do it in role play form. No leader would be complete without a long list of games to play so throughout the weekend each participant shared a game they knew from their groups, so everyone went away with a set new games.

Woodie’s can’t be kept cooped up inside all day so on Saturday afternoon the group split up to do different parts of a pirate treasure trail around Bristol, return to base camp after  to locate the treasure together. We were also able to hold a traditional camp fire and songs in the training room with the help of a torch and orange flag.

The Sunday allowed us to focus on other key aspects of being a young leader such as safeguarding and leading good discussion in creative ways. To end the weekend we sat down and created action plans going forward so the young leaders could return to their groups good to go.

The whole weekend was a great success with the young leaders feeling empowered and ready to go when they return to their groups. So if you know a young leader or someone who could be or even a young leader yourself then sign up to the young leaders training next month:

23rd to the 25th of November at Cudham Activities Centre, Kent

Or Bored Meeting training, 10th & 11th of November at the Bristol YHA

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