Young Leader Training - free to all

Friday, 7 September 2012

Venturers, DFs, young Kinsfolk: Here is your chance to become a leader.

If you think about it, you probably already lead in some way. Leading in Woodcraft Folk isn’t about standing above or in front of everyone else and telling them what to do, it’s about understanding people and helping them understand the world – and then change it for the better – whether it’s through cookery or campaigning.

Everyone who’s been a member of a local Woodcraft Folk group knows something about this sort of leadership. A Group Leader whose passion for equality and fairness is inspirational, a DF a couple of years older than you who always has a new game to play, and you yourself, when you support a friend to get involved in an activity or try something you’ve never tried before.

So come to Bristol for a weekend of workshops that will help you realise what you already know about leadership, and give you new ideas about how to run Woodcraft activities. Explore how an experienced Group Leader uses Woodcraft Folk’s aims and principles in their group, and get to know other young people from around Woodcraft who are keen to do more with their Woodcraft journey. There's lots of support for you as you take on a new role or task in Woodcraft Folk, and we’ll make sure you’re connected to all the resources and people who can help.

The whole weekend is free! Just let us know asap if you’d like to participate.

Bristol YHA, from 7pm on Friday 12th October till 4pm on Sunday 14th October.

If you can't make this weekend, there are lots more training opportunities visit: