Year of the Horse

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Woodchips and Elfins from Dyfrdwy Gwerin y Coed spent a brilliant day in Liverpool last week, joining in with the celebrations for Chinese New Year. 


The trip to take part in Chinese New Year celebrations was decided during the first week back after the Christmas holidays.  One member of the group had always wanted to go and see the Lion Dance and his enthusiasm quickly spread through the group.  We all came back the following week with zodiac wheels and the legend of how the years were named.  You can find out which animal year you were born in by using the chart below.


A big part of the fun was travelling together on the train, then meeting up with Beth, a Gwerin y Coed DF member studying in Liverpool.  Thanks for showing us around Beth!  An Elfin and Woodchip who missed the train (but were with their dad) told the group this week, "we still had a great time, we went on the ferry instead and we saw dragons and puppets and ate noddles." 



Everyone loved the huge papier mache horse and the lion dance, but not everyone loved the firecrackers!  When asked his opinion, one woodchip told the group, 'it was loud!'   Another highlight of the trip was making shadow puppets, which everythen then brought home.  What a great day!

Use this chart to work out which Chinese animal year you were born in.