Woodcraft Folk on television

Sunday, 25 May 2014

John Tippins, co-ordinator of Hounslow district, was asked by the Community Channel to make a short film as part of the 'My Brilliant Moment' series, an “inspiring short film series looking at charity and community leaders' personal 'eureka' moments”.

The television company approached charities that had received an Awards for All grant. Many Woodcraft districts were successful with Awards for All applications, but Hounslow District also happened to be the closest to the company's studios!

Although apprehensive about doing a television interview, John thought the opportunity to publicise Woodcraft Folk was too good to miss. He says that he found the interview quite nerve-wracking, particularly as, when he arrived at the studio, the company announced that they had decided not to use the autocue after all. However, he managed to get across the main points of what he had prepared and thinks that the finished film turned out OK.

The episode will be on YouTube shortly, but you can see John’s contribution on Hounslow’s Vimeo site.