Woodcraft Folk Support Young People to Speak Out About Climate Change!

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Climate change is the most urgent issue of our time. Yet not enough is being done. Children and young people are taking action because the adults entrusted with making policy decisions are not doing enough to address the impending climate crisis.  

As an organisation committed to the principles of 'One World' and 'The Rights of the Child', we are supporting young members to explore their right to strike and climate change issues. Resources to help you explore these topics include our Right to Strike activity pack, the All Together Against Climate Change Handbook and a list of other resources downloadable from the bottom of the page.

Many young members of Woodcraft Folk have chosen to take part in the school strikes, including the UK day of action on the 15th February. By exploring related activities in their regular group nights, we are enabling children and young people to develop a critical awareness of the world and take action on issues which they care about.

A further day of global strikes are planned for Friday 15th March with many local events already listed on www.fridaysforfuture.org. These events are and should be youth lead, but Woodcraft Folk supports any volunteers who want to offer assistance to enable children and young people to organise and take part. This might be through providing transportation, equipment, other resources or advice and guidance.

Woodcraft Folk have been inspired by the calls to action made by young people across the globe and we are calling upon policy makers to listen to young people before it’s too late.

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