Woodcraft Folk statement on March 22 actions: for press and public release

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Woodcraft Folk supports March 22nd Actions against Racism and Fascism

March 22nd is UN Anti-Racism Day, which commemorates the 1960 Sharpeville massacre when 69 peaceful demonstrators were shot by police in South Africa.

Across Europe racism and xenophobia, particularly in the forms of Islamophobia and hostility to immigrants, are being whipped up by the far right and anti-immigrant parties and groups and by sections of the media. Mainstream political parties and politicians are starting to tail-end these forces and to scapegoat immigrants. It is important that those working with children and young people stand up against this dangerous trend and encourage children and young people to put into practice Woodcraft Folk’s motto of ‘Span the World with Friendship’.

On March 22nd, Unite Against Fascism and the TUC are joining groups across Europe in a Day of Action around two themes:

  • Stand up to Racism and Fascism
  • Celebrate Diversity and Multiculturalism

Woodcraft Folk is supporting these events and encourages all members to participate in them.

Woodcraft Folk has a long and proud history, dating back to the 1930s, of opposition to racism and fascism and support for diversity and multiculturalism.

More recently our brothers and sisters elsewhere in Europe have been direct subjects of fascist violence. In September 2012 Vilmos Hanti, president of our Hungarian sister organisation Hungarian Childfriends and a leading Hungarian anti-fascist was viciously beaten and hospitalised by individuals associated with the far-right JOBBIK party. A children’s centre belonging to our German sister organisation Die Falken has twice been the subject of neo-Nazi arson attacks

So participation in this event is also a show of solidarity for our brothers and sisters.

The main event is in London where there will be a parade from Parliament Square (Nelson Mandela statue) to Trafalgar Square followed by a Rally in Trafalgar Square. Assemble at 11.00.

The parade will celebrate diversity and multiculturalism and highlight the contribution of immigrants to many aspects of our communities.

There are also events currently in the early planning stages in Cardiff and Glasgow and we encourage our members in Wales and Scotland to participate in these events.

For more information from the organisers go to: www.standuptoracism.org.uk