Woodcraft Folk in Pakistan

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

"Sheffield Woodcraft believes that all brick-kiln worker children should have the right to free education and urges Woodcraft Folk and IFM-SEI to support APFUTU's campaign for the provision of sustainable schools for all child labourers."

This is one of the conclusions of the delegation who travelled from Sheffield Woodcraft Folk to Pakistan to see the opening of a school for brick-kiln workers' children. 

Young people and adults in Sheffield's Derwent and Porter & Don Districts have been building links with the Pakistani community both in Sheffield and in Pakistan since before CoCamp last summer. They started by fundraising to bring a delegation of young people from the youth wing of the All Pakistan Federation of Trade Unions to CoCamp, and went on to use the surplus money they'd raised to set up a school for children who were missing out on education because they have to work with their families who are tied in to bonded labour in Pakistan's brick-kiln factories.

You can read about their visit to these factories, and the school they helped establish, in their fascinating story. Download the PDF below.

Sheffield Woodcraft Folk are still fundraising in support of the 'Woodcraft' school at Theekrian, Lala Musa. You can donate to the cause via Justgiving!

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