Woodcraft Folk Communities are here

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

We’re excited to tell you that a new way to communicate with other members is now available through Woodcraft Folk’s website. It’s called Woodcraft Folk Communities, and it’s straightforward and friendly to use.

What’s a Community?
You can see an introduction to Communities online. They’re a combination of online forum and email group, customised to suit the way Woodcraft Folk works, and linked to our membership database.

What are they for?
One of Communities’ main functions will be as forums for volunteers in a District to share updates and resources, hold discussions and post photos and events to a Community calendar. We hope parents and other less regular volunteers who haven’t quite joined the group or District’s main discussions will take this opportunity to become members of national Woodcraft Folk and get access to the many essential and inspiring conversations happening around the movement.

Communities will also enable any project team, committee or group of event organisers to develop a specific space for planning and sharing resources.

Where did the idea come from?
We developed Communities in response to lots of Districts telling us that their existing Google and Yahoo email lists weren’t great for District-level communications. We gathered ideas from members at Annual Gathering and other events, tested early versions of Communities with a range of volunteers and refined how they looked and worked. Members at Development conference 2013 were really positive about the usefulness of Communities, and we hope you will be too.

How do I start using Communities?
Just log in using the dark green box in the top right of the website and you’ll see ‘My Communities’ waiting for you. You’re automatically a member of the Community related to your Woodcraft Folk group and District and you have the option to join the Discuss Community, which will replace the Discuss list used by members over the last few years.

Each Community has a Manager: for Woodcraft Folk group Communities this is the Group Contact and for Woodcraft Folk District Communities this is the District Contact. Information has been emailed to these members separately. More information and links to Communities guidance is online here.

NB You need to be a member of Woodcraft Folk with an up to date DBS to use the existing Communities. Renew at www.woodcraft.org.uk/member or contact Folk Office to enquire about your membership and DBS.

To get as much information as possible before starting conversations, posting photos and sharing resources in your new Communities, read the full Communities guidance online.

For any questions not answered by the guidance, please get in touch