Welcomes RAEng report

Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Woodcraft Folk welcomes new report by the Royal Academy of Engineering

In a positive step, Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) experts have recognised the need to deliver engineering solutions to the climate emergency as part of the post-COVID recovery.

It is excellent to see experts recognising that the current business as usual approach will not deliver what is needed. We need to be much more radical. Becky, a project volunteer and engineer from Leeds said "Woodcraft Folk's Kids Field project is focused on young people both in engineering, which I find a rewarding and satisfying career and in mitigating the effects of climate change. It is great that this new report from the Academy ties so neatly into the work that Woodcraft Folk are doing. I hope, as a team of volunteers, we can continue to inspire future engineers in participating in more sustainable careers as we shift to a lower carbon society."

Woodcraft Folk recruited a team of 50 engineer volunteers to help address both the engineering and non-engineering aspects of the post-COVID future as part of the Kids Field project. About the Kids Field project, Hannah, a project volunteer and engineer from Sheffield, says "it is exciting to be part of a project that isn't just bringing engineering into schools, but working with young people to understand how we can move to a fairer low carbon future."

Training and support are essential. Our young engineers are working in schools with the engineers of the future to explore climate science and engineering solutions whilst highlighting how much fun it is to be an engineer. They also set this in the context of social justice inspiring them to be involved in building a better future post COVID.

Matthew, a project volunteer and engineer from Edinburgh, added "The RAEng report demonstrates theat investing in low-carbon technology and practices now will provide much needed jobs for young people and pay dividends to society in the long term. It is exciting that the Kids Field project gives me the opportunity to work with young people to show them how engineering solutions can help achieve a net-zero future."

Planning for the climate emergency is an essential part of post-COVID recovery. There will be many new job opportunities in creating the new low carbon infrastructure. . We need new low carbon jobs for young people in a new post-COVID recovery.

For more information about Woodcraft Folk's Kids Field project please visit www.woodcraft.org.uk/ingenious

To read the Royal Academy's report visit   https://www.raeng.org.uk/publications/reports/beyond-covid-19-laying-the-foundations-for-a-net-z or download below


Foundations-of-a-net-zero-recovery-final.pdf2.22 MB