Weekly online sessions on digital activism

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

First of all, we hope you are all safe and coping with the current situation. As you can imagine, the pandemic has had a very significant impact on the initiatives and activities that Woodcraft Folk as an organisation would normally do with young people at this time of the year.

Nonetheless, we are still very much committed to promote education for social change, and we will do our best to use our resources and creativity to provide a wide-ranging virtual programme to keep our young members engaged as much as possible.

That is why we are launching our new #DreamBigAtHome website on Thursday of this week. All the information and resources about online programme will be found there. Check it out when it’s online! We will publish updates about this on our social media channels as well. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

As part of our virtual programme, we are planning to organise 5 special sessions around the theme of online activism that will explore topics such as media literacy, critical thinking, and digital citizenship. The sessions are designed for Pioneers (10-12) and Venturers (13-15), and will take place every Monday at 5pm:


Session 1 - Fake news (May 11th)

Session 2 - Spot the bias (May 18th)

Session 3 - Power of emotion and critical thinkers (May 25th)

Session 4 - Hate speech (June 1st)

Session 5 - Wrap up/Youth led discussion (June 8th)


The sessions will be fun and interactive, and young people will have the opportunity to participate and ask questions if they want. Click on the dates above to find details on how to join through GoToMeeting. We hope many of you will join :) !

Even if we can’t make our voice heard with campaigns and marches, this situation will not stop us from learning and engaging in social action in different ways, and from continuing to promote friendship, solidarity, and justice.