WCF at the IFM-SEI International Committee Meeting

Friday, 21 July 2017

Four intrepid Woodies travelled to Slovenia for the International Falcon Movement's International Committee meeting at the beginning of July. IFM-SEI is Woodcraft's international umbrella organisation and we were there representing General Council, the International Camp 2020 board and the District Fellow movement.

So what did we do? Here are the headlines from the four day meeting:

  • We welcomed new member organisations and voted on other
     membership issues including upgrading candidate members to full membership status....so a big welcome to the Slovenian Falcons, Ajyal Israel, YOBEC (Liberia) and the Falcons of Belarus!
  • Elections for 3 members of WCF's 2020 International Camp board were held. The posts filled were: Core Logistics, Volunteer Support, and Programme. The comrades joining the board are from Patsimeredu Trust (Zimbabwe), Rote Falken/Kinderfreunde (Austria) and Esplac (Catalonia).
  • A demonstration of the new Members Partnership Form on the IFM website was given. The simple online form lets individual groups in member organisations (e.g. your local WCF group) be matched with a similar group in another member organisation (e.g. a young falcon group in Finland) enabling international friendships and collaborations to be formed. Click here to access the form. 
  • We attended a fruitful European Network meeting for IFM orgs in Europe. Here we discussed changes to the Erasmus +/EVS scheme which will be replaced by a new 'Solidarity Corps' where individuals or groups of young people can apply for project money or to volunteer in receiving organisations for up to a year.
  • We discussed the voting system within IFM and whether or not the number of votes should be tied to the size of the membership organisations. 
  • We learnt about future camps and events within other member orgs which Woodcraft members are invited to including a seminar in Norway and a camp in Finland next year. Speak to us about international opportunities for you or your groups! We especially encourage DFs to get involved as there are tonnes of international opportunities for 16 to 30 year olds! Click here for information about the Norway seminar.
  • We showed our solidarity with young comrades from the German Falcons who were detained on their way to protest the G20 meeting which took place in Hamburg simultaneously. 
  • Guest speakers at the IC meeting included the vice president of the European Youth Forum and president of the Young European Socialists. 

Finally there were several fascinating workshops on projects being run by IFM and other member orgs. 

All in all a great experience for our delegation which helped span the world with friendship and build international solidarity!

Laura, Frankie, Nadia and Aggie