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Thursday, 28 November 2013

IFM-SEI (, the international youth movement of which Woodcraft Folk is a member organisation, has decided to make the visa issue one of its core priorities for the next three years. This is because arranging visas for IFM events, whether in Europe or beyond, has become increasingly challenging. Exclusive, unfair and expensive visa regimes mean that IFM exchanges, international camps and seminars are no longer accessible to everyone. 

These are problems that Woodcraft knows well, which is why the Folk's visa campaign was started. In a big step forward for the Woodcraft campaign, IFM has begun to support the Folk's visa website ( and now plans to establish its own visa working group. Membership of the group is open to all of IFM's member organisations and it is hoped that each of the global regions in which IFM is active will be represented 

IFM intends to campaign for better visa regulations, which cater for young people and youth organisations. IFM also wants to provide help and advice to its members on the visa application process. The new working group aims to create a ‘dummies guide to visas’. The group will also collect info about visa experiences, start a video campaign and run workshops. 

THE FOLK’S VISA WORKING GROUP and friends met recently to celebrate the campaign’s achievements so far and to discuss plans for the future. 

As well as sharing a glass of bubbly and some Woodcraft themed chocolate cake, the group discussed plans to provide training for Woodcrafters who hope to welcome foreign delegations. Along with the visa website, the group will also continue to pursue its project to bring about changes to UK regulations which will make it more likely that youth delegations and their leaders get visas. 

FOR MORE INFORMATION and to join the IFM working group, please send an email to 

If you want to know more about the Woodcraft working group, or would be interested in joining, please contact Roland ( 

Attached images: First, the IFM-SEI symbol; second, the Woodcraft visa campaign symbol, designed by Steve Bell; third, raising a glass to the Folk’s campaigning on visas. 

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