Venturer Committees latest meeting and Venturer Camp Update

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

This weekend Venturer Committee met and, along with other Woodcraft members with key Venturer Camp roles, continued to plan Venturer Camp and the future development of Venturer Committee. This is the first of a number of articles which aim to talk about, amongst other things, elections, bookings, transport, volunteer roles, centres and how we are using Shakespeare to explore Woodcraft’s aims and principles. If there is something you would particularly like us to write about e-mail These articles will also be collated and e-mailed in a weekly update to those who have booked or expressed interest in Venturer Camp.

One topic on the agenda was how this Venturer Camp can be more inclusive than any before, thinking not just about those with distinct special needs but also in a broader sense, making sure everyone feels comfortable to participate fully and have a great time. To do this we are asking centres, cafes and other parts of camp to create ‘Inclusion Assessments’. These will be tools to help think about how different things might exclude different people and to come up with strategies to overcome this. We will then support people to share their ideas and support each other to become more inclusive.

Venturer Committee are a group of Venturers who make decisions for Venturers as well as organising events. This committee, like any other in Woodcraft, are re-elected each year. As many Venturers will be participating in Venturer Camp, committee have decided to hold the elections for this year’s Venturer Committee at Venturer Camp. If you are a Venturer and wish to be part of this committee then there will be a lot of information about entering the elections at camp, and some before incase you are not going! Being part of Venturer Committee will include going to termly meetings as well as having regular Skype calls and doing all the things that need doing before the next meeting. Some of the things that this committee are working on include creating a film convincing young people to go Annual Gathering, creating a Venturer Guide on how to be a Venturer leader, planning an enormous march publicising Woodcraft (more information soon!) and creating resources on interesting ways to give out and make leaflets.

One of the important thing about Venturer Committee is that it is on it’s way to becoming a sustainable committee embedded in Woodcraft Folk. One of the things that Venturer Committee aims to do to increase this sustainability is to ask other Committees (DF Committee, General Council, Regional Committees) for small amounts of funding to help support it to support Woodcraft. Venturer Committee will also become more sustainable by reporting what it does better to the movement, through articles like this and through regular reports to General Council, to Regions and to DFs. Venturer Committee also plans to get young people to collect together ideas of projects that Venturer Committee should do in the years that it’s not planning for Venturer Camp to give it a stronger focus, this could include: a Venturer AGM, more regional Venturer events, an attempt to support setting up more Venturer groups or any number of yet to be had ideas.

With more and more young people attending Annual Gathering, Venturer Committee should be able to propose motions and amendments as DF Committee and General Council can do. This is so that in the future Venturer Committee can have more of an input into the wider Woodcraft movement and have a firmer place in its governance structures. To this end Venturer Committee will be finding a Venturer group to propose a motion allowing this to happen.

Several things we talked about will get their own articles soon and, as such, have only cursory mentions in this one. We talked about Venturer Camp Pre-Camp which is on 21st-23rd June and will enable people taking on new roles to get training and allow everyone to get together and agree what rules they would like camp to live by. It will also give a chance for villages to meet and plan how they will operate. We also decided on provisional villages, they are provisional as some districts are yet to register and communications over equipment may mean we need to re-arrange them. We discussed gift-aid and a proposal to ask richer districts to donate a proportion of their gift-aid to support poorer districts and delegations.There will be more detail on all of these things in the next couple of weeks. All things graphic were also discussed and you should watch out for adverts and videos with leafy styles and consistent colours.

If you want to know more about anything we talked about please e-mail

We leave you looking forward to a very exciting Venturer Camp and a very exciting future for Venturer Committee.

Blue Skies, Venturer Committee and Venturer Camp Team