Venturer Committee Election Results

Saturday, 28 July 2012

The results are in! The votes for Woodcraft’s first postal election, the third Venturer Committee election have been collected, have been counted, double counted and the results are now here. Groups from across the movement have voted to elect this exciting new committee.

A total of 22 fantastic candidates, some from every region and nation stood, but unfortunately the committee only has room for 15. Venturer Committee would like to congratulate and welcome the following onto the committee:

Scotland – Holly Purves

North West – Alex Porter

North East – Jake Tyne

Midlands – Sophie Holden

Wales – Ella White

South West – Lottie Atkinson

South East – Louise Chamberlain-Clay

Eastern – Seal Cameron

London – Katherine Swindells

Lay Members: Isabel Stewart, Jake Taylor, Jessica Kayode Newman, Lily Dibb-Fuller, Lily MacTaggart and Pearl Ahrens.

Venturer Committee is the group of young people between the ages of 13 and 16 that have been elected by Venturers around the movement. They aim to support Venturer groups, be that through campaigning, creating resources, running activities like national secret friends. A lot of their time this year will go into planning Venturer Camp and making sure it is the best it can be. For those who have or have not been elected this is not the end, there will be lots of ways to get involved in what Venturer Committee is doing over the next year or so.

Venturer Committee would also like to thank the members of Venturer Committee standing down this year. Although we also hope they will stay involved!