Venturer Camp Update July 2019

Sunday, 14 July 2019

With camp only a few weeks away the VCamp: Voyages team and Venturer Committee have been working very hard to make sure this is the best yet!

Pre-Camp at Biblins last month was a big success. Campers got a chance to meet everyone, get to know the site and their villages and enjoy a few taster sessions of VCamp. Your group contact should now have received a final list of groups in their village, and if not already, will receive their contact details very soon. It’s important that within these villages you come up with a Village Coordinator, to liaise with central, run morning circles and coordinate clan rotas, and a Village KP, to liaise with the central KP and guide cooking clan through the menu/recipes. So if you’re interested in this let your group contact know, and they can pass your details onto us to coordinate!

We had our final meeting with Venturer Committee the first weekend of this month, and they voted for our final theme night which is…… (drumroll please) …….


So make sure you’re prepared with ‘camp’ clothes in one or both senses of the word to go out with a bang!

We are also still looking for some volunteers. Firstly, for those who like getting their hands dirty, we need some site services volunteers to deal with rubbish and clean toilets. We are also looking for Folk Supply volunteers, including a coordinator for this. You don’t need to have volunteered on Folk Supply before, but this would of course help especially for the coordination role. Sarah will induct the coordinator at the beginning of camp, and then it will be their role to create a rota for volunteers and induct them all at the start of their shift, plus cash up at the end. Get in touch with Millie on if you’re interested in either of these!

Finally, to make camp as safe as possible and ensure we have as many first aiders as possible we are looking for a first aid coordinator. It is preferable but not absolutely necessary this person themselves is trained in first aid. The role will involve creating first aid rotas for all villages and the central area. Get in touch with Holly on if you’re interested!

Group contacts and everyone booked that has provided an email address will receive an Infopack soon, so make sure you check your junk for this if you haven’t received it in the next 10 days or so. This will include crucial info on what to bring and how camp will work, plus most importantly some costume inspo for the theme nights! Just a reminder (although this will be in the infopack) that everyone with an FM radio should bring one, to tune into camp radio for great tunes and updates on what’s going on centrally.

Looking forward to seeing you all in just a couple of weeks!