Venturer Camp Update April 2019

Saturday, 11 May 2019

VCamp Update April 2019

Millie was at South East Gathering this week, and it was great to meet lots of venturers and venturer leaders and share what

 the team and the region have been up to recently. We’re excited to see the big fish Eastbourne venturers have made, and Sarah and Raquel’s ideas for the Sustainability Centre went down really well!

The main thing we want to share with you this month is that plans are well underway for Pre-camp weekend (combined with Annual Gathering) and BOOKINGS ARE OPEN. The event will be from the 21st-23rd of June at Biblins, and will be an opportunity to get to know the site, the people you’ll be sharing a village with and how the camp will run, in a fun interactive way. There will be centre taster workshops, guidance on village roles and much more, running alongside workshops to support your woodcraft group more generally. Plus our very own Indigo Collective, the programme coordination team, are curating Costa del Solstice, an evening entertainment event with (alcohol free) cocktails, music, and beach holiday vibes. The weekend will be venturer friendly, there will be a creche for younger children, and we have introduced a DF price of only £35 for the first time (under 16s can attend for just £25). For more information and to book follow this link:

Do you know any kinsfolk who would like to help out at camp? Our centres are still looking for volunteers, so if you’re interested in delivering workshops to young people have a look at our list of centres (link below) and email with which one(s) you’d like to help out at.

If site services/stewarding is more your thing, we’ll have more information out soon but feel free to email in the meantime if you have any questions.

As ever, stay up to date on our social media profiles by friending Venturer Camp (2019 logo) on Facebook, following @venturercamp on Instagram and Twitter and adding venturer_camp on Snapchat.

And make sure you book onto camp soon to ensure your group gets placed in the same village as the group you’re friends with.

Looking forward to seeing you at Precamp!


For more information about BIblins visit