Venturer Camp Theme Structure

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The theme of this years Venturer Camp is "A Midsummer Night's Dream." This will shape the look and feel of the camp as well as the programme. Each day will also have a theme, a specific part of the Shakespearean story, they will influence the activities for that day and centres may choose to tailor some of their programme to the themes too.


The Day themes are:

1. Opening/Welcome to the Woods -- Saturday 3rd

All shall be welcomed into the magical mystical woods, where nothing is as it seems and Midsummer Night’s Dreams can come true.

2. Love and Disobedience -- Sunday 4th

The lovers prepare to run away. Hermia refuses to marry the man her father command her to. She faces execution or becoming a nun. Theseus implies law is unfair but can’t do anything.

3. Escape to the Woods -- Monday 5th

A safe haven, free from the city’s laws. Here the lovers are free to choose who they love, and can live how they want. Or can they? And is it safe?

4. March of the Fairies -- Tuesday 6th

There are impish faeries around who intend to meddle in the ways of humans. They have the power to cause all sorts of trouble, but some faeries just want to have fun.

5. The World Amock -- Wednesday 7th

"… the spring, the summer, The childing autumn, angry winter, change Their wonted liveries, and the mazed world, By their increase, now knows not which is which" Rivers bursting banks; washed-out harvests; seasons out of season; changing climates; sound familiar?

6. Military out of Schools (Chill out Night) -- Thursday 8th

Out of context with the camp's theme, a day centred around th DF campaign to get the military out of schools.

7. Day of Transformations -- Friday 9th

A man is a mad half ass; the Faerie Queen his paramour; lovers change partners; friends draw swords against each other. Everything will be turned on its head.

8. Closing/Weddings -- Saturday 10th

The story of these lovers ends in a wedding, but this will not be the normal affair. The wedding of Theseus and Hippolyta is not the only one to occur on this day. An ending as well as a fresh beginning, but what a ending it will be.

9. Pack Up -- Sunday 11th

As the party from the night before ends the guests are left to clean and the fairies disappear, or were they here at all?

How will these themes influence the programme?

The camp will begin with "Welcome to the Woods." As the fairies lead you into the woods, the camp will be opened in true Woodcraft style. Villages will set up and many campers will meet others from their village for the very first time. Venturers will get their first tast of VCamp with evening programme including live music and an introduction to all the centres and cafes with their evening programme. Sunday's theme of "Love and Disobedience" can be taken in many ways including, expectations of people and what happens when they resist, sexual health, violence/abuse, LGBTQ+ rights. Centres may choose on the Monday to adopt the idea of "Escaping to the Woods"  with sessions on ideas such as running away, hiding, finding solace, and places where you belong. Tuesday's "March of the Fairies" will include marches of all sorts, showing pride in who you are and what you do. "The World Amock"  will turn the camp upside down with this VCamp’s Wide Game.

The UK is the only country in Europe to allow sixteen year olds to join the army, and the new campaign in DFs is to stop the military advertising in schools. Thursday's theme will give Venturers a chance to get a taste of DFs and will include workshops on how campaigning can be a successful way to make a change in the world. Thursday night is also Chill out night; the activities will be more relaxed with calmer music that finishes earlier reviving everyone’s energy levels for the second half of the camp. Friday’s "Day of Transformations" will show how people have changed, as well as how we can take this change back with us to wider Woodcraft and the world. As the camp draws to a close Saturday’s "Wedding" will be not of two people but of many ideas and the bonding of new friendships. And, as all good things must come to an end, Sunday will see the packing up of camp as we all return to our homes and say goodbye to Venturer Camp 2013.

See you soon,

Blue skies, Venturer Committee and Venturer Camp Team