Venturer Camp Pre-Camp Launched

Thursday, 16 May 2013

As Venturer Camp draws closer groups across the country begin to think 'What is actually going to happen at Venturer Camp?', 'Where can I help decide how Venturer Camp will run?', 'Who will I be camping with?' and other similar questions. One place to find answers to all of these questions and to the questions you didn't know needed answering is Pre-Camp.

For a weekend Venturers and leaders, DFs and Kinsfolk, members from across the movement will come together to agree on policies, to get to know who they will be camping with and decide who will be doing what. To find out more about what will be happening at camp and to talk to others, bringing together the experience of the movement to make Venturer Camp the best it can be. Pre-camp will be on 21st-23rd June at Drum Hill Scout Campsite and will be free although we ask a £5 donation per person to cover food. As a link below is a booking form containing some more information, including where to send the booking form! I hope to see many of you at pre-camp to help make a stronger Venturer Camp.

Pre Camp booking form.doc37 KB