Vcamp Bookings Still Open!!

Thursday, 19 May 2016

If you still haven’t booked for Venturer Camp then don’t worry – there’s still time to join us!

What is Venturer Camp?

This summer The Woodcraft Folk is holding its Venturer Camp. This is one of the largest events in the Woodcraft Calendar and is a chance for young people from the movement to make friends from around the country and the world, to learn about the aims and principles of the Folk and enjoy a week's camping with the Folk in Derby this Summer.

Venturer Camp happens once every three years, so every Venturer has a chance to attend, and make some of the best memories of their Woodcraft lives. The theme, The Woodcraft Folk Through Time, will take the camp through the last 90 years of Woodcraft Folk history with days dedicated to different decades and the ways in which we have grown and changed over the years. With a full programme of workshops and activities during the day, and live music, dancing and a camp cinema in the evening, this year's Venturer Camp could be the best one yet.

When and Where is it?

Venturer Camp will be held from 6th - 13th August at Drum Hill Scout Site in Derby.

How much does it cost ?

The early bird booking deadline of the 16th April has now passed. The price of camp has now risen by £20 to £142 per camper and you can book your district in here. Any camper being booked in after 8th July will be asked to pay £180 for the full camp.

When & How do I pay for my Venturer Camp Booking?

Booking fees can now be sent to Folk Office. All cheques should be made payable to Woodcraft Folk and sent directly to the address below for the attention of the 'Vcamp Team'.

Payments made by bank transfer should be sent to: 

  • Woodcraft Folk
  • Account No: XXXXXXX
  • Sort Code: XX XX XX
  • Reference the payment - 'Vcamp followed by your District name'

We ask everyone who can afford it to contribute fully to this cost or more where possible. If any of members group would like to come to Venturer Camp but your district is unable to contribute to cover the full cost of all attending please call us on 07493 833 203.

Any donations made toward the cost of your Vcamp booking could be eligible for Gift Aid, which means Woodcraft will be able to claim an extra 25p for every £1 donated. You’ll find more information about Gift Aid here. Any questions relating to Gift Aid contact Sarah McDonell.

If you've any campers who can only come for part of camp please do get in touch as we are happy to take campers on a nightly rate.


If you or your Venturers would like to be more involved in the process of planning Venturer Camp, we're holding a short pre-camp 24th June - 26th June 2016 at Drum Hill Scout Site. At pre-camp we will decide on camp policies, and give you a chance to meet everyone who will be running the camp in August. To cover the cost of pre-camp we are asking for £25 for each person who wishes to come. Please let us know by email if you plan on attending pre-camp.

Who to contact 

Any questions relating to venturer camp please do not hesitate to contact the Vcamp volunteer team at