Updated Roadmap to Reopening

Monday, 22 June 2020

On Friday 19th June, Woodcraft Folk Group Leaders, District Contacts and Safeguarding Leads recieved an updated Roadmap to Reopening.

At this stage, Woodcraft Folk can only meet online line and take part in remote activities, but we hope that over the coming month we will begin to meet outdoors. Groups and Districts across the UK are being encouraged to begin plannning, to consult with their local members and make contact with local venue providers to begin to map out what a return to face to face group activities can look like. We recognise that we all need to be responsive to local circumstances and not all groups will open at the same time. We will continue to deliver online and remote activities through www.dreambigathome.org for all.


To see the latest guidance and example risk assessment tools please visit www.woodcraft.org.uk/covid-19-reopening