Upcoming Volunteer Training

Thursday, 18 March 2021

As groups prepare to return to face-to-face meeting, Woodcraft Folk's membershp & programmes team are offering a range of opportunties to brush up your skills and hear the latest news. Find out more about these online sessions, open to all volunteers, by following the links to our event calendar:

Face-to-Face Meeting Guidance

Monday 22 March, 17:30; for group co-ordinators and session leaders

An overview of the current guidance for meeting safely outdoors, plus a chance to raise your questions and get advice on good practice

Socially Distanced Programme

Wednesday 24 March, 19:30; for group co-ordinators and session leaders

Ideas and top tips for running games, activities and crafts in a safe and socially distanced way

Introduction to Safeguarding

Tuesday 13 April, 19:30; for new and exisitng volunteers

Develop your understanding of how we work together to keep young people safe at Woodcraft Folk

Treasurers Masterclass 

Wednesday 28 April, 19:30 for Treasurers 

A  great induction for new treasurers as well as a perfect refresher for existing ones. An overview of the responsibilities of the role and advice on admin such as annual reporting of finance

Staying Safe Together

Tuesday 11 May, 19:30; for group and district safeguarding leads

Refresh your knowledge of Woodcraft Folk's safeguarding processes, and share tips for good practice in your group

Have a Good Weekend

Tuesday 25 May, 17:30; for district, group and camp co-ordinators

Get up-to-date guidance on running safe and successful residential activity this summer