Upcoming Online Programme

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

So far we have enjoyed a wide variety of online sessions with participants ranging from Cardiff to Edinburgh to Exeter of all ages. 

Last weekend we enjoyed the #BigCampIN where many camped in their gardens, living rooms, kitchens and balconies and joined live sessions based on activities we would usually take part in at a 'real' camp. 

In the coming months around our usual national online programme we will have themed weeks and weekends where we will have focused activities. The upcoming monthly themes are:

  • June - Coops Fortnight will be celebrated by having sessions around what cooperatives are, why they are important and how people can get involved and make their own cooperatives. We will have some sessions lead by the Coop Groups and Coop Heritage Trust. Coops Fortnight - 22nd June - 5th July 
  • July - Our theme for July will be Social Justice where between 13th-17th July our sessions will focus on taking social action and helping our world become a more fair place. 
  • August - We have sadly had to postpone Common Ground International Camp however we will still have an engaging camp programme to take part in online. 1st-11th August there will be centre lead themed programme to keep our camp spirits high!

Even if you can't regularly volunteer to lead online programme it would be great if you had a specific skill or knowlege you would like to share around one of our themes of the month then please get in touch lauren@woodcraft.org.uk it would be great to hear from you. If you don't feel confident to lead a whole session there could be space for co-leading or just sharing an idea for a session for someone else to lead. Get in touch if you have something to share.