UN Anti-Racism Day of Action – 21st. March

Thursday, 26 February 2015

March 21st  is UN Anti-Racism Day, which commemorates the 1960 Sharpeville massacre when 69 peaceful demonstrators were shot by police in South Africa.

Across Europe racism and xenophobia, particularly in the forms of Islamophobia and hostility to immigrants, are being whipped up by the far right and anti-immigrant parties and groups and by sections of the media. Mainstream political parties and politicians are starting to tail-end these forces and to scapegoat immigrants. It is important that those working with children and young people stand up against this dangerous trend and encourage children and young people to put into practice Woodcraft Folk’s motto of ‘Span the World with Friendship’.

On March 21st Stand up to Racism and Fascism which includes Unite Against Fascism, the Trades Union Congress, many individual trades unions and groups representing many of Britain’s diverse communities are joining groups across Europe in a Day of Action around themes including:

  • Stand up to Racism and Fascism
  • Celebrate Diversity and Multiculturalism
  • Immigrants are welcome here

Woodcraft Folk is supporting these events and encourages all members to participate in them.

Woodcraft Folk has a long and proud history, dating back to the 1930s, of opposition to racism and fascism and support for diversity and multiculturalism.

The main event is in London, where there will be a parade from the BBC, Portland Place W1 (Oxford Circus tube) to Trafalgar Square followed by a Rally in Trafalgar Square. Assemble at 12.00.

The parade will celebrate diversity and multiculturalism and highlight the contribution of immigrants to many aspects of our communities. We want it to be colourful and noisy with lots of music, singing etc., so Woodcraft Folk should be able to make a contribution to this atmosphere. 

Last year our big parachute and enthusiastic singing made a great impression. Let’s do even better this year.

There is also an event being planned in Glasgow and we encourage our members in Scotland to participate in this. 

For more information from the organisers go to: www.standuptoracism.org.uk.

You should be able to find information as to who to contact in your area and about coaches to the London event.

Woodcraft Folk participation is being co-ordinated by Richard Kirkwood (Hackney WcF). Please contact him –richard_natfhe@hotmail.com (mobile 07903019336) - for any more information and with offers of help.

In particular we are looking for:

  • People to run a Woodcraft Folk stall in Trafalgar Square on the day
  • People to help co-ordinate a Woodcraft Folk group, lots of singing - suggestions so far include ‘Back of the bus’ and ‘If I had a hammer’ (in memory of Pete Seeger) , hopefully a parachute, in the parade 
  • Lots of colourful Woodie stuff for the parade (wear Folk Costume of some sort)

Last year’s event was the biggest anti-racist event for many years. We expect this year’s to be even bigger.

Please let Richard know if you are coming so we can organise a meeting-point etc.