Talk on the Wild Side

Friday, 3 January 2014

For their last group meeting of the year, Spelthorne District and guests from Walton District held a special event. Graham Cornick of the Hydestyle Resident Animals in Godalming gave a ‘Talk on the Wild Side’ , he brought along some rescued animals & birds and explained their life histories and how they were nursed back to health.

We were introduced to an eagle owl which had been brought up as a pet and then abandoned in the wild unable to fend for itself. There was a hedgehog which had lost a leg in a strimmer accident, three rats, a very lively ferret, a barn owl and a twenty six year old partially sighted tawny owl.

Our members were both interested and entertained by Graham’s often humorous presentation. Below is the barn owl, and several Woodies wondering where it would go next...