Take Part in an International Project: Youth Without Borders

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

International Opportunity – Youth Without Borders

In partnership with Österreichische Kinderfreunde, Woodcraft Folk are excited to announce an Erasmus+ funded project for four young people aged 14-17 years old (supported by a leader) to participate in an international project.

The project was developed by Woodcraft Folk members from Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newham, who spent the Christmas/New Year period together with young people from five other IFM organisations exploring how to create an inclusive youth exchange. The ‘Partycipation’ project had the aim of bringing together 6 IFM organisations to share best practice and to explore how we can better overcome the barriers to participation in international exchanges. At the end of 2018 this project felt such a huge priority to Woodcraft Folk within a background of Brexit talks.

‘Youth Without Borders’ is the result of their deliberations. ‘Youth Without Borders’ will seek to test their ideas and suggestions involving young people from Italy, Austria, Spain, UK, Georgia, Finland and Macedonia. The camp will take place in Austria at a stunning lakeside location – although the mountains will have less snow then when the planning team were there in December!

During the 10 day camp young people will experience different non-formal education methods, outdoor activities, create a media strategy to share ideas, suggestions and good practice around the effective engagement and participation of young people. You will also get to participate in a Kinderfrunde and Falcon Summer Camp!

  • Would you like to represent Woodcraft Folk?
  • Are you available 16th-25th August 2019?

If you are interested in joining the delegation please contact debs@woodcraft.org.uk by 21st May 2019. When selecting the delegation Woodcraft Folk will prioritise those individuals who have not participated in previous IFM or Erasmus+ funded projects.

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