Support to strengthen our Trade Union links

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A new resource has been created to help your Woodcraft Folk group seek affiliation from your local Trade Unions. If you're a member of a Trade Union and would like to propose to them that they formalise their link to Woodcraft Folk, this is for you!

Click through for advice and useful documents including an example motion to take to your Trade Union branch meeting.

This resource follows a motion passed at Annual Gathering 2012 noting that Woodcraft Folk shares values and visions for the future with Trade Unions as well as the co-operative movement, and should encourage our groups to strengthen their ties with them. Woodcraft Folk have recently marched alongside Trade Union members at peaceful anti-cuts demonstrations, and were supported by the Unions to do this. We hope to build firm local, regional and national links to Trade Unions, so we can work together for a fairer society.