Staff take on challenges to support Woodcraft Folk

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Working in Woodcraft Folk, it's easy to end up thinking that parachutes are only made for playing games - cat and mouse, mushroom, fruit bowl, you know the list - and there is nothing remotely scary about them. They're particularly useful and photogenic for members on peaceful protests on the street.

But Woodcraft Folk staff Leanne and Chloe will be putting parachutes to their original and more terrifying use this summer when they jump out of a plane in Cambridgeshire. Needless to say they're apprehensive - particularly Leanne, who hates flying altogether - and looking forward to being back on the ground again afterwards! 

Sarah, Woodcraft Folk's Office & Volunteer Co-ordinator, is taking on a safely land-based challenge, walking 20 miles along the coast on July 20th. This is a personal challenge for Sarah as she's most at home in the city, tending to her garden!

We're all excited to be doing something so different from our dayjobs in support of the Folk. Altogether, we aim to raise £500 for Woodcraft Folk. Please visit our Justgiving page and make a donation to help us reach our target!


Debs, Woodcraft Folk's Director of Development, is already in training for her challenge - running the Robin Hood half marathon. If you haven't already sponsored her, please do at 


And Jon, our General Secretary, is taking part in the London Nocturne Folding Bike Race on 7 June.


Woodcraft Folk who'd like to come along and support us as we complete our challenges should get in touch for more information.