Spring Awakening Booking Open

Monday, 17 March 2014

See the beauty of the countryside, smell the fresh scent of springtime, feel the magic of time spent with friends, listen to the calm of the forest and taste the adventure.

Awaken to 2014's first and cheapest Big, 

National DF event.

Spring Awakening is the “back to basics” DF event, where we camp in the slightly harsh weather of early April and do activities that are more reminiscent of what woodcraft would have been like before a lot of the changes to it and the world that have happened since it formed in 1924. Just what you do and how it is run is up to the organizers, and sometime in September 2014 the process will start again looking for the team to run Spring Awakening 2015. 

It is open to all DFs (16-20 y/o) within Woodcraft, any group or experience in Woodcraft.

The nearest Train station is Banbury, 3 miles from the site.

The postcode of the site is OX15 UK

Make cheques out to "The Woodcraft Folk DFs". You can pay by cash or check in advance or upon arrival. Post payments to

Spring Awakening 2013

62 Broomgrove Rd



Any questions, check out our events FAQ page by clicking  here. Email any other queries to springawakening@spanthatworld.com

Beds are available for those with accessibility needs that require them.

To book head over here for the online booking form