Sizzling PlayOut Stirling begins!

Monday, 15 July 2013

Our PlayOut Stirling project got off to a fine sunny start with our first of six PlayOut days this weekend. The warm breeze was appreciated on an otherwise blazing day, even if it did mean chasing brightly coloured craft feathers around the park!

Five volunteers helped Play and Volunteer Co-ordinator Clare Ritchie to run co-operative parachute games, various outdoor games such as twister, skittles, quoits, pick up sticks, a nature trail, and a giant Woodcraft Folk logo puzzle, as well as crafts including dream catchers and painting mini bird boxes. 

Over 50 children joined us with some dropping in for a short activity, some staying most of the day, and some hopping over to join us whenever the parachute was out.


The PlayOut Stirling project aims to connect with interested children, young people and families in Stirling through a series of PlayOut days in the parks, with the intention of setting up a new group in Stirling in the autumn term. Please see the poster below for further dates and info.

If you are interested in being part of a Woodcraft Folk Stirling group, or would like to help out at one of the other PlayOut days please get in touch with Clare at Tel: 07581163783.