Sex-ed Training

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

18th - 20th October 2013

At our own Cudham Environmental Activities Centre, London

Come and learn how to teach up to date, sex positive, unbiased sex, mental health and LGBTQ+ education for a range of ages, Elfins and up.

Traditional education often neglects these vital parts of our education. If they are taught it may only be sparingly and heteronormatively. They might even be taught incorrectly.

Learn how you can teach young people about these vital topics. Help educate for social change. Learn how to give young people the knowledge they need to be safe, happy and healthy throughout their lives. Find out how to bring topics such as consent, physical understanding, and gender expression to even the youngest of young people. Explore ways to explain difficult topics, like mental illness, to young people for the first time.

Most of the young people who experience mental illness will have never been taught what it is or how to deal with it. This training could help you make a real difference to someone's life. You will learn how to teach a positive and inclusive sexual understanding to young people. There's more to sex than making babies. Everyone who wants to deserves to be able to have safe, fun and healthy sex. You can help make this the norm.

If you can't wait for the event and want to get started right now you can check out this channel made by sex positive educator Laci Green. It's one of my faves.

Loads more fantastic resources will be shared at the event, including DFs' own companion Rough Guide summarising all the vital stuff you get to learn.

Any questions, simply email Louise using

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