Scottish Skillsharing - with Streamers

Monday, 5 December 2016

On Sunday 20th November Woodies from across Scotland gathered in Glasgow for an afternoon of skill sharing and socialising.  The aim was for everyone of all ages to learn something new to take back to their groups, and to build links between groups around the country.

In the first half of the afternoon fifteen of our adults, DFs and Venturers (plus one very small Woodchip !) updated their first aid skills with a trainer from St Andrew's First Aid.  They covered CPR, shock, the recovery position, wounds and bleeding, burns and scalds, and more.  Meanwhile leaders from Glasgow Kelvingrove facilitated a session for our older Elfins and Pioneers. Participants particularly enjoyed playing the roles of 'Poop a scoopians' and 'Oo la landians' while gaining important insights into communication.  The serious business of creating a young people's committee for Scotland was progressed.

Our Woodchips and younger Elfins warmed up outdoors by creating streamers from sticks and tissue paper and 'streaming' with them.  When they finally ran out of 'stream' they came indoors for a cold cooking session - making beautiful empire biscuits for later.

In the second half of the afternoon all age groups joined together for a game share.  Children from each of our districts led demonstrations of favourite games.  A non stop hour of Wink Murder, Splat, Duck, Duck, Goose, Baserk and Sharks left most of us with a new game - and a need to sit down quietly !

We all got lucky in the potluck supper with a brilliant selection of food contributed.  This lubricated our throats nicely for a song share- those who had been on summer camp enjoyed reviving 'The Mighty Song of Peace' and 'Red River Valley' for those who hadn't.  The afternoon was rounded off with a 'Link Your Hands Together' - Stirling participants looking confused as ever when they heard the tune the rest of Woodcraft uses. It's nice to share !