Scottish Gathering at Crianlarich

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

 Scottish Gathering this year took place 1-3 February in idyllic snow-covered Crianlarich, bringing together groups from Edinburgh, Falkirk, Glasgow, Stirling and fledgling group in Lochwinnoch with representatives from all the age groups.

At the Gathering of the Smalls our young people shared their hopes and ambitions for future Scottish events, for engagement with UK Woodcraft Folk and the causes and campaigns to support during the rest of 2019 (and beyond). Gathering of the Smalls has been a vital and valuable development in Scotland in the last few years.

Enthusiasm for Common Ground 2020 camp is building with thanks to Jack Brown with his roadshow and delivery of ‘A day in the life of camp.’ Woodcraft Folk Scotland are starting to consider logistics, fundraising, delegation support and all the fun we will all have through this celebration of international solidarity and friendship - needed now as much as ever.

Other workshops included bushcraft skills with Alice from Wild Sparks where people whittled a variety of utensils and discussed dynamic risk assessments, and widening participation with Debs with excellent contributions from young people.

The AGM used the six hats method which provided the perfect opportunity for everyone to contribute their ideas. We thanked outgoing Scottish Committee members and welcomed new ones to the fold, most excitingly of all we have interest from younger members in participating in Scottish Committee.

Away from the ‘business’ of the weekend we came together to enjoy a range of activities: a merry moot showcasing gymnastics and Gaelic singing, chalk trails in teams in -4 degrees, clan duties, a sleepover in the village hall, and a walk in the snow with perfectly formed and thrown snowballs.

This weekend reinforced how articulate, thoughtful and insightful our young people can be when provided with a platform to share their hopes, ideas and creative contributions. What a wonderful weekend of fun, learning, snow and ideas sharing which has left everyone feeling enthusiastic about another fantastic year of Woodcraft Folk in Scotland!