Scotland Coming Together

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

On the afternoon of Sunday 11th June sixty three Scottish Woodies of all ages came together in Edinburgh for some workshops, food, games and craft. We spent the first part of the afternoon in three groups: Adults took part in a training workshop on session planning and the resources available to support this. Young people aged 8 and over participated in a meeting of our young people’s committee for Scotland titled ‘Gathering of the Smalls’. Children under 8 had a great time drawing themselves life size and working out how many Elfins and Woodchips would be needed to span the whole world with friendship !

After packed lunches we spent the second part of the afternoon in an all ages workshop on the ‘power of protest’. We shared what we knew about campaigning and discussed what issues Woodcraft Folk Scotland should campaign on. We started work on a big banner which members will be able to take to campaigning activities like marches. Our aim is to finish the banner at summer camp in July and take it on it’s first outing to an anti racism march in November.

Watch this space for photos of the finished banner and it’s outings on the streets of Scotland. As well as the banner there was a sense of something else developing in Edinburgh last month – a stronger, more connected Woodcraft Folk Scotland more motivated to act nationally to promote our aims and principles. Inspired by the Woodcraft Folk UK statement from earlier in the year “we will continue to fly the flag of international solidarity, to promote social equality, to defend fundamental human rights and to foster hope through these dark times.”..