School Strikes - a young member's perspective

Monday, 25 March 2019

 Many Woodcraft Folk members of all ages have been actively participating in school strikes - campaigning for decision makers to recognise a climate emergency.


Cherry Tucker of Leeds District shares their experience:


What are the Youth Strikes 4 Climate?

They are a result of one girl, Greta Thunberg, who in August 2018 skipped school and sat outside the Swedish parliament building to protest against lack of action on climate change. They have now spread to Australia and across most of Europe.

Why I got involved.

When I my dad first told me about the strikes, I wasn't sure whether to go. Mum said something that really made me think and may have also been the tipping point of my decision “what’s the point of an education if there isn't going to be a future?" This is why I went and because it is beyond turning out the lights or getting a smart meter. This is bigger than all of us and if our politicians arn’t going to protect our future, we need to. Also when I grow up and have kids, I want them to say “thank you mummy, for protecting our home" not "why didn't you help?"

What was it like?

When I arrived for the first time, by myself (with parental support) driving round on my mobility scooter, the beast, I was super nervous. However I had nothing to worry about. We collected on the town hall steps and did loads of chants and waved our placards, we did some dancing, drank lots of tea (in true British style) and there were lots of speeches. I also made a speech as I am the sort of person who goes in all guns blazing when I find my confidence.

On the second strike in my city there was a march and we had loads of dancing, tea drinking and more speeches, I made one again.

To anyone reading this:

If you are an average, ordinary person, join in with your local strike and if there isn't one, make one. Lobby your politicians and make them change.

If you are a media person, write a piece about the strikes, or about global warming and make your voice heard. After all, you have a massive influence over the public.

And finally: politicians CHANGE our system. Listen to your young people. They will be the first to kick you out when they reach voting age and all your old voters are dead. Come to your next debate on climate change, or schedule one in. Don't be like the British government where only 6 % of elected members turned up to debate the climate emergency. 

Cherry Tucker.

High school student; Disability & environmental activist; blogger; Sister.