Research support

Monday, 9 March 2020
Aggie Taylor, a third year Politics and Sociology student, is seeking support from Woodcraft Folk members.
Aggie is an active member of Woodcraft Folk and is looking for participants for her research project; Gender division and sex segregation within voluntary organisations that are ideologically committed to equality: An in-depth case study of the Woodcraft

Aggie needs Woodcraft Folk volunteers who are over the age of eighteen to take part in a survey about their volunteering habits within the organisation. Aggie is also hoping to recruit a range of participants for interviews on their volunteer habits and experiences and if/how these are affected by their gender.
The Survey is now open with a deadline of 16th March. 
Please see participant sheet below. Please read this before you complete the survey. 
The survey should only take about five minutes and asks a few questions about your individual volunteering habits in the woodcraft folk and one question about gender. You do not have to give any personal information in the survey and all the answers will be completely anonymous. However if you wish to participate in a further in-depth interview on the relationship between volunteering and gender there is a possibility for you to leave your email for you to be contacted on. The survey is open to all Woodcraft Folk volunteers over the age of eighteen and it would be extremely helpful for me and the project if as many people as possible filled it out. In order to reach as many people as possible could any district coordinators who receive this email please forward it to their groups. 
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