Recent Training Webinars

Tuesday, 2 March 2021

The past year has seen a lot of online programme, some groups have been meeting with their young members since March last year whilst some are newer to the world of online group nights. Over February we have run 2 sessions for our volunteers and group leaders. The sessions were both delivered by our Development Officer in Scotland Clare Ritchie. 

The first of the webinars focused on Ideas for Online programme over the spring term. There were lots of ideas shared as well as themes and events to follow over the spring term such as LGBT+ History Month, Random Acts of Kindness day, Day of Zero Discrimination, International Womens day and more. See the recording below if you missed the live session. 

Spring Online Programme Ideas 2021

The second of the webinars was a refresher for meeting with your group online safely. This was a follow up from the webinar delivered last year and showed lessons learnt and further safety features of online conferencing platforms that have developed since the first lockdown. See the recording below if you missed the live webinar and share with others who are helping to deliver online programme or working with young people online. 

Meeting with your group safely online

As groups prepare to reopen their provision gradually we are delivering a webinar focusing on socially distanced, outdoor activity ideas on 24th March at 7:30pm this will be a chance to hear about activities and session ideas, meet volunteers from across the country as well as time for questions and sharing experiences.