Reading Woodcraft Folk CAN do it!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Reading Woodcraft Folk have been focusing on an Environmental project this year, looking at Getting about, What we wear, Where we live, What we waste, What we eat, What we want and what we need.

As part of this project we have looked at fair trade. We found food isn’t always shared equally amongst countries, which led us to think closer to home, and discover that even in this country, in fact in our town, there are people with not enough food to eat.
After this discussion we decided we wanted to do something and so after a little research we found Readifood, a faith Christian group who currently deliver over 110 emergency food parcels per week to families and individuals in real need across the Reading area.

We had our goal: collect as many CANS as possible throughout the month of May. And we did, collecting four crates of canned meats, vegetables and pies. We delivered our cans, all 94.70Kg, to the Readifood depot on Friday, where we had a presentation on the great work and definite need of Readifood and we also helped sort food parcels ready for delivery.


What we eat etc

Dear Reading Woodies,

Congratulations on your project and I hope you had a lot of fun. I am very curious about the six themes you chose and am wondering if you used the "Let's grasp the nettle" pack that was published for and by the Folk in 1990. Your themes are precisely those of the activity pack. Can it be mere coincidence?

There was a sister pack called "Let's take the world in hand" aimed at Venturers. They were produced a long time ago, but I think they are as relevant as ever - perhaps even more so.

All best wishes for you future efforts,

Patsy Brander