Queer Easter 2020!

Thursday, 30 January 2020

Queer Easter is an international seminar held (unsurprisingly) for a week over the Easter Weekend at Kurt Lowenstein House, just outside of Berlin. Delegates from IFM-SEI organisations, Young European Socialists and other LGBTQ+  international organisations are invited to take part in what takes the form of a series of non-formal seminars organised by an equally as international team around the theme of the seminar - anything from accountability to popculture, inclusion to identity.

The seminars (we call them STEDYs) are pretty cool. You focus on a particular (queer) theme within the bigger theme with a set group of people. So you really get to know you STEDY group well by the end! Each STEDY has a different mix of activities from theoretical reading to creativity to games, and usually end with some kind of feedback to the rest of the seminar. One time a STEDY did a full photography exhibition which was amazing to see.

However, Queer Easter is still so much more than just the planned stuff. As is the fashion with non-formal education, and as fantastic, educational and bonding the official seminar time itself is, most of the action happens outside allocated 'learning' or 'fun' times. The seminar thrives on self-organised spaces and events, informal chats and participant innovation. There is so much freetime for organising walks, or games, or spaces, or hanging out. This is what makes Queer Easter just so special! Think, what happens on a rainy day at camp but more queer. My favourite moments have been staying up til the early hours in the dining room eating leftovers and chatting with my new pals - protip, sleep early on in the week because it's hard to pull yourself away later on.

Queer Easter is what you make of it, and what you make it into. At its bare minimum it's a week learning about literally anything queer, but it's also a space to hang out with queers from all over the world, a space to explore what being queer means to you, and a space to just exist. 

-- by Zoë Audra

This year's Queer Easter takes place form 5th - 12th April at Kurt Löwenstein Haus near Berlin with the theme 'We are here, we are queer!" This year's topic will be about the struggle of getting acknowledged and the fight for social acceptance of gender and sexual diversity. Together we will share "good practices" from people and organisations from Europe and all over the world. We will analayse underlying reasons for hatred, especially hostility towards queer and trans people and develop possibilities of how to counterract them. We will discuss what we can do to create a society in which nobody has to fear being themselves.

Woodcraft Folk have at least 6 spaces with travel funding secured so if you are a Woodcraft Folk member under the age of 30 and you'd like to attend, email international@woodcraft.org.uk to express your interest!