Practice sharing

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Woodcraft Folk is taking part in a series of 'Freedom to Learn' webinars. Woodcraft Folk will be sharing our learning of delivering #DreamBigAtHome as well as sharing sessions on online democracy and online social action.

Freedom to Learn promotes human-centred and rights-respecting practice in education in the UK, advocating for more voice and choice for children and young people in how they learn. The network aims to:

- connect innovators around the Uk to inspire and learn from one another in the pursuit of a freer and fairer education system

- support self-directed learning and communities to get started and thrive around the UK

- to raise awareness and celebrate the diverse approaches to education around the UK

To check out the full range of events and book a place please visit

Of particular interest to members there are sessions on:

  1. Activism
  2. Raising revolutionaires
  3. Youth voice
  4. Democracy teaching