Park Farm Working Day January 2012

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Park Farm Working Day January 15th 2012

Volunteers from across London and the South East came together on Sunday (15th Jan) for a working day at Park Farm, Woodcraft’s campsite in the heart of the Sussex countryside.

On a beautiful day of blue skies and sunshine around 20 volunteers from Wimbledon, Southwark, Ealing, Kingston & Tolworth and Knaphill, as well as Phin Harper (national press officer), Zoe Waterman (former CoCamp Chair) and our 2 EVS volunteers based at Folk House - Pavla and Polina, turned up to do their bit to make Park Farm ready for next years camping season.

While one team prepared the barn for some new guttering, another sorted out the tools store and another gathered logs that had been felled as part of our forest management programme. As well as selling these logs as firewood to raise money, the coppicing of the trees will ensure that we maintain an ecological balance in the woods and allow all forms of life within the area to thrive. Our plans to create a focus on Bushcraft skills at the Farm will further help to maintain the balance and ensure that these historical woods continue to flourish.

Although it was hard work everyone had lots of fun and left with a great feeling of having made real progress and achieved all the things we’d hoped to. As Polina says “It's been a really lovely day outside with people who made it even more fun”.

A big thank you to everyone that came - your help was really appreciated!

Our next working day is on Sunday 19th February, if you’re interested in coming along and lending a hand please email Pip Todd at .

The Log Pile!












From left to right: Pavla CihaKova, Zoe Fidler, Ralph Sleigh, Zoe Waterman, Adam Fidler, Polina Aleksandrova, Tom Gower, Phin Harper.